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Love INC

Love INC Medina is a nonprofit organization that has been committed to serving the people in Medina County who are facing financial hardships since 2010. As a part of the National Love INC movement, we are one of 134 affiliates in 29 states. While each affiliate is shaped by the needs of the local community, we all share the same purpose unifying the Body of Christ to help people in need.

Our Christian ministry works together with partner churches, organizations and agencies to help financially empower individuals and families. We help by providing financial assistance when struggling families and individuals are faced with utility disconnections, evictions, car repairs and other financial crisis. Our trained volunteers and staff clarify and evaluate the requests for assistance to verify legitimate need. We endeavor to refer our clients to other resources that can partner with us to assist them. Love INC Medina is unique in our ability to network with local churches and agencies to unite to help those in Medina County. We do what any one church or agency cannot do alone!


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Just What the Doctor Ordered …

I had no clue when I went to my regular doctor appointment that everything in my life was about to unravel. Up until this point I was keeping my head above water by living frugally and getting in as many hours as I could at my job. My doctor was concerned about my nagging symptoms and immediately ordered a whole series of tests, including a biopsy of my left lung. I had to miss days at work which cut drastically into my paycheck. Then the biggest blow to my financial situation was finding out that my medical insurance would not cover any of my medical expenses. The bills piled up so fast and before I knew it, I was two months behind with my rent and close to an eviction notice. I was at the end of my rope with no where to go but down.

Until a friend at church told me about Love INC. The Love INC Volunteer that returned my call gave me something I hadn’t had in a very long time – hope and prayer. Then with the help of Love INC and my church, they were able to pay my past due rent. Finally, the Love INC Gap Ministry, Senior Benefit Advantage, met with me and evaluated my insurance policy to find out why my medical bills were not being covered. With a change in medical plans I was able to be reimbursed almost the total amount of my medical expenses. Today I’m back at my job and praising God for the good medicine He provides!

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