Love Stories

Love Stories
Cindy is a lovely woman who was having trouble paying her rent due to all the trials she had to go through from her Brunswick apartment fire. She was short on her rent for September, so we
promised her $400. The Grace Fund contributed $300, and Harvest Time Assembly of God contributed $100. We received a lovely hand written thank you note from Cindy which ended with “God Bless”. She was very grateful. 

Bill and Rachel, a lovely senior couple, were in need of beds. Rachel is housebound because of her medical condition, and Bill is the caretaker and runs all of the errands. We were able to purchase a new queen and a new twin bed for the couple. They asked to be kept on our prayer list and to be put on the mailing list for the Daily Bread.  
Bill and Rachel were extremely grateful. 
This story is just one from our new beds endeavor through the help of the Grace Fund. 

Mandy is a hard worker and has been employed in her present job since 2004. Her car was giving her some trouble and she needed to get it repaired. After we received proof of car insurance, our new car repair worker, John Donelan, was able to fix her brakes, change her oil, and replace her wipers, and now her car is in good shape. She was very grateful.

We are in need of caring Christian intake volunteers. Our volunteers talk to clients on the phone and pray with them, and give out food resources if needed. There will be training with our seasoned volunteers for anyone who wants to join us in this ministry. If you know of anyone who would like to join us have them contact the office by phone or email.
One of our other challenges is the need for volunteers to do budget counseling and to help mentor clients. We would love to be able to come alongside a client and be there to help them through their crisis.  

We are so pleased to welcome John Donelan as our new car repair worker. He has already worked on a car for us and has done a nice job. What a blessing!  
We welcome Christine Barnes as an intake volunteer to our ministry. We are so grateful for all that she did for us while she was an intern, and really look forward to her continued involvement. This is a very big blessing!!!  

My gratitude goes to Karen Bentz for filling in for me while I was on vacation. She kept the office up and running smoothly so that when I returned all I had to do was take over again. A transition like this is so wonderful, and it is so nice to know that she can help out during these times. We are also grateful that she continues to volunteer her time to finish updating the large resource book, which is a major undertaking.  

Pam Clearinghouse Coordinator