Board of Directors

Love INC is committed to being Christ-centered, beginning with our Board members. In fact, spiritual leadership is one of the Board’s top responsibilities. In addition to this responsibility, our Board provides vision, organizational direction, and accountability while striving to govern according to best practices. The Board engages in strategically planning for Love INC Medina to serve those in need in Medina County.

Fred Weber, Board President , Chatham, attends Medina Church of the Nazarene

Mary Lee Wilson, Secretary, Brunswick, attends Brunswick Reformed Church

Anna Himmel, Treasurer, York Township, attends Grace Medina East Church

Pattie Jameyson, Member, Sharon Center, attends Grace Medina East Church

Guy Lenart, Member, Brunswick Hills, attends Brunswick Reformed Church

Ray Sanders, Member, Wadsworth, Care Pastor at NorthSide Church