Faith and Finances

Why Faith & Finances?

Love INC of Medina County is proud to offer Faith & Finances! Faith & Finances is a financial education program that empowers low-income people with practical money management skills, biblical stewardship principles, and supportive relationships.

Faith & Finances is different from many other financial education programs. It’s not about helping participants achieve wealth or material success. Rather, it aims to empower participants to experience restoration in their finances—and in their relationships.

Beginning with an 8-week Faith & Finances class, participants learn how to track income and expenses, save money, plan for emergencies, and pay of debt. At the same time, they receive support and encouragement from allies who walk alongside them as they learn.

Faith & Finances enables churches and organizations to:

· Shift from giving things to materially poor people, focusing on long-term change in their lives—and ours

· Mobilize churches to build authentic, supportive relationships with people who are poor—both inside and outside our church

· Walk alongside low-income people as they make practical changes in their finances

· Apply the principles of When Helping Hurts in our community


Join Our Team!

We want you to join our Faith & Finances ministry team! We are looking for:

· Leaders to oversee logistics and recruit volunteers

· Allies to support and encourage participants

· Funders willing to invest in our Faith & Finances ministry financially

Interested in joining our Faith & Finances ministry team? Please contact Kathy Brown at for more information.